Game dev consultation

I have been responsible for creatively leading teams toward well defined goals and quality results, within deadlines.

Experienced in managing teams and departments of creative people. Everything from just a couple of people to multiple design teams.

Video Game Designer

Everything from designing entire projects to individual components such as controls, weapons, enemies, levels/worlds and game systems.

Team/Dept management

Announcing Psychopomp

As of June 2017, Mike is now the founder of Psychopomp Game Dev LCC. 

Psychopomp is a boutique video game industry consultancy, encompassing the following,

- Game design consultation

- Game development consultation

- Video game industry knowledge & experience

Helping teams realize their creative goals and achieve the highest possible quality products via consultation, team augmentation, and custom designs. Tailored services are targeted toward a range of client types, covering dev teams, publishers, IP/rights holders and indy dev.

Find out more at the Psychopomp company website.

Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, as both Developer and Publisher, I can help maximize potential, fire-fight problems and help companies ensure their IP is being treated with care.

Game Design

Creative leadership


I'm Mike Ellis, a veteran video Game Designer and Design Manager. This is my website. This site aims to give you an idea of who I am, what I do and details on how to get in contact with me.

This website meant a few late nights, but I really enjoyed putting it together. I hope that you enjoy checking it out.


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