I'm a veteran game designer with over 25 years industry experience.

In that time I've had the pleasure of working on many successful titles (both in the US and the UK) for some of the biggest and brightest game dev studios and publishers in the industry. I've been credited as being a dedicated worker, a dynamic thinker and an efficient, people-friendly manager.

During my career I've worn several hats within creative roles.

  •  When working as a Senior Designer, I am a solid, dependable team member. Often happiest getting my hands dirty, working with set of dev tools and a group of teammates to make the magic.

  • I've spent much of my career as a Lead Designer on several console titles. In this role I am able to utilize my creative vision and combine it with expert organizational skills to lead the team to success.   

  • Working as Director of Design, I've overseen multiple design teams across several projects. I was able to successfully increase collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas and methodology. This role also enables me to provide mentorship and a friendly ear to the designers in times of need.   


  • Currently working in the capacity of Design Director, I travel to studios around the globe, helping teams to reach success with their projects. Sometimes this is offering guidance and design consultation. Other times it requires that I support development teams by providing complete designs for them to exercise. This can mean working on-site for weeks at a time in order to best collaborate. 

Developing games, playing games and learning how to make better games are my greatest passions.

My Design Perspective

Video games are a uniquely interactive medium.

As such, my passion is to put control in the hands of the player and allow them to partake in immersive, player-centric experiences. Fantasy fulfillment is why we play. A great experience should be like running down an invisible checklist that is ensuring the heart's desires are met. 

  • Controls and interactions should be tight and responsive, with constant feedback and no lag.
  • Gameplay should present players with choices and options, creating situations that are rewarding and memorable.
  • The game teaches the player how to be successful at it without limiting their options to a set of binary decisions.


Great video games aren’t just made. They’re the result of detailed design, extensive planning and focused implementation by a team of passionate, talented people. Prototyping, iteration and evolution are to be embraced and utilized until the product is right. Once the foundation is strong and the building blocks established, then content can be added. Too many games fail because they never create solid foundations before they commit to growing toward their shipping product.
Games aren’t just about big features and creative ideas. They’re also defined by thousands of smaller decisions that are correctly made along the way and by getting a multitude of small details right.

Skill Set

  • Highly organized and self motivated
  • Clear and open communicator
  • Open to learning new and better ways to make games and improve my self
  • Dedicated to getting it done 'right'


  • Able to analyse and deconstruct games into their sub components
  • Define metrics to ensure consistency across the design team
  • Produce concise, detailed design specifications, guides, diagrams and written metrics
  • Accurately map environments to scale in both 2D and 3D
  • Create interesting play spaces and challenging uses of mechanics
  • Script using a variety of languages such as LUA and in-house proprietary languages
  • Work with the game’s mechanics and systems to make them as fun, balanced, responsive and user-friendly as possible


  • Deliver concise and highly targeted feedback
  • Project scheduling
  • Staffing allocation
  • Interviewing, hiring and team building
  • Performance managing and employee reviews
  • Presentations and experience working with the media

Tool Use

  • Project planning
    • Word – Creating concise design documents
    • Excel – Planning, scheduling, game balancing and system design
    • Adobe Illustrator – Mapping and diagrams
    • Adobe Photoshop - Diagrams and draw overs for creative direction
    • SketchUp! - 3D prototyping and planning tool
  • Project implementation
    • Maya – 3D graphics package
    • LUA scripting language
    • Renderware Studio – Scripting, editing and game population tool
    • Proprietary scripting languages and editing tools

Video Game Designer